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Company Identification: Acros Organics N.V. One Reagent Lane Fair … Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Company Thermo Fisher Scientific India Pvt. 1.3. Shop a large selection of Application Specific Acetonitrile products and learn more about Acetonitrile, Optima™ LC/MS Grade, Fisher Chemical™: Solvents Chemicals Acetonitrile CHROMASOLV™ LC-MS, CAS Number: 75-05-8,(34967 Riedel-de Haën).Shop now or request a quote. Acetonitrile may be used as a solvent to prepare: • 1,2-Azidoalcohols and 1,2-azidoamines via cerium(III) chloride assisted ring opening of epoxides and aziridines by sodium azide. Thermo Fisher Scientific India Pvt. Pierce Acetonitrile is 0.2-micron filtered, packaged in solvent-rinsed amber glass bottles and sealed under a nitrogen atmosphere with PTFE-lined fluorocarbon caps for ultimate protection. Pierce LC/MS Grade Acetonitrile … 77, No. • Cyano-bearing … Acetonitrile Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations 10/13/2020 EN (English US) 2/9 P370+P378 - In case of fire: Use carbon dioxide … S27- Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. 500mL. Material Safety Data Sheet Acetonitrile. Page 7 of 7 MSDS t Acetonitrile swallowed. E-mail address … Ltd 403-404, B-wing, Delphi, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai 400076, INDIA. +351 21 425 33 50 - Fax. ACC# 00170 Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification: MSDS Name: Acetonitrile ... Fisher Scientific 1 Reagent Lane Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 For … +351 21 425 33 51 - [email protected] NIF : 506429210 S45- In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek … Shop a large selection of Analytical Acetonitrile products and learn more about Acetonitrile with 0.1% Formic Acid (v/v), Optima LC/MS Grade. S16- Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking. Fisher Scientific - Lagoas Park, Edificio 11 - Piso 0 - 2740-270 Porto Salvo Tel. MSDS Name: (Phenylsulfonyl)acetonitrile, 98% Catalog Numbers: AC306560000, AC306560050, AC306560250 Synonyms: None. Ltd. 403-404, Delphi, B Wing, Powai, Hiranandani Business Park, Maharashtra 400076 Customer Service M-F, 9:30am-5:30pm Toll Free: 1 800 209 7001

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