Chagas the buddha says you probably were right in the title the oculus quest is said to be the first VR console on the market and that’s very very interesting because it’s actually something very new that we’re not used to right now and the competition will be much much different there but why we’re talking about the first console on the market and not just another VR etc that’s because the store would be much more strict and curated than any other store right now for VR content is this gonna be good is this gonna be the right move well let’s get to it okay so here we are the first thing we have to explain actually is why these oculus quest is considered a console and not really a VR etc like all the other why they’re not really aiming to competition we like the HTC vive or device focus or the lenovo mirage or the rift itself the oculus go all the other VR headsets on the market right now well there’s a reason because here they weren’t really to attract people they’re coming not from a VR background but actually people that they never tried VI and they were like getting gaming because gaming is the big thing over here with the oculus quest one hint that we had actually was at OC 5 when what they were talking about the oculus quest and then valent they actually were talking about the 50-plus titles there were not much if you consider that the oculus go was out from more than a year at that point and the oculus go is actually thousands of app that could be easily translate from one to the other because if you consider they both have mobile chips that are both stamped drag on chipset one is the 815 on the oculus co and the oculus quest is gonna have the 835 that is much more powerful so it’s gonna be able to handle better also their 6 DOF tracking the ability to move the room scale and better graphics of course in the games but this is not the last gen chipset as 2 years so it makes a lot of sense that what you’re doing is actually to aim a little down and trying to be a little more strict with the apps to be able to have apps that actually work in the best way as possible because as I said before I mean to the regular consumer market well they are really looking for people that they don’t want to think about oh this game doesn’t run as well this thing doesn’t run well but they want to have the same experience that a person have now on the Nintendo suite on the Xbox one or ps4 when they go there just to game relax and their own time and just enjoy what they’re doing so what they’re gonna do is actually Street and create a store very similar to the one that we saw not really in VR like with the oculus rift probably similar to the oculus rift that beginning actually but something that we are seeing now on the Xbox one the Nintendo switch or the ps4 where really the content that’s arrived is really tested to work as best as possible over there so there’s not gonna be an early access part we’re gonna be able to try new games and stuff like that but everything will be highly optimized to work as best as possible on desire that is not the most powerful error in the world so they really need to do something to make it shine to make it more enjoyable for every user now there’s a downside to it is that that we’re not gonna see so many apps and we saw on the oculus go or so many apps as we see on steamvr every second that they pop up but the good thing that we can have more quality and everything that you’re gonna buy over there it’s gonna beep created better tested and ready for the release really now if you remember about my first review of the oculus quest when I was OC 5 the thing that was most excited was actually that USB type-c on the side and I was thinking already about apps to sideload on there that means like to put like Android apps in there to use it directly and well luckily John Carmack confirmed that we’re gonna be able to do it as well because at the end of the day the oculus quest and the oculus go they just ran on a different version of Android so now if I think about it I actually think is a great idea to close a little the content to close a little distort to have more curated highly optimized games over there but is it that extra heavy a person that really liked that and do then take the best out of the oculus Cresswell’s is a little a bummer and also we’re gonna have to see out they’re gonna be with small devs that are working on those games and they actually have already some games on the oculus go so my big question is are we gonna be able to actually use the oculus go store in there are we gonna be able to use the oculus Go application foolish quest as well probably not natively but probably we’re gonna be able to just take them out because our just a PK and translated them on the oculus quest and use it in 3d UF I know that it’s not gonna be the best experience and that’s that’s why I understand why they are not really doing it but it’s kind of a bummer for all the devs that they’re actually uploaded already a game of their death but the real question is are you guys excited about it what do you think about this move by oculus do you think that is a right move to aim actually to a competition with their switch or the Xbox one instead of a competition with all the other VR players do you think that is a good idea to actually close the store a little more to make it easier for people like us to play games in an easier way without having to like win too much about all these could run better than the other this is not a good game for it is not really suggested if you think about CMAs a lot of problem with blood we’re over there whether like apps that they really come up every single second and many of those are crash actually but sometimes just small apps they come out from nothing and they become very very big so is this really the right move well that’s something that you have to let me know in the comment below you know my idea for now as always if you like the 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