Oculus Quest – 10 Things You ABSOLUTELY Need To Know!

Hey what’s up everyone welcome back today I’m going to talk about it 10 things you absolutely need to know about the oculus quest the upcoming standalone headset and it will have I think a huge impact on the VR market as a whole it’s going to bring us closer to the tipping point of virtual reality going mainstream that’s right exciting times ahead of us folks and with this video we are going to celebrate its upcoming launch so yeah I hope you are going to enjoy this one now it’s time to jump into the metaphors and have some fun let’s a go number 10 the oculus quest is an all-in-one headset it’s a standalone and this means it doesn’t need a computer or anything externally to work with this hmd you don’t have to worry about tangled cables anymore or possibly setting up external sensors even better you don’t have to dedicate an entire room to your adventures anymore you can play wherever you want without limitations the quest is the ultimate headset that you can put in your backpack and take with you on the run number nine it comes with six tough controllers when you hop into a VR game or an experience you of course want to use your hands to interact with the world around you the good news is is that the quest gets bundled with motion controllers that are getting tracked by four cameras you can freely move them within a three-dimensional space this is what we call sick stuff better known as six degrees of freedom also its design is very slim lightweight and has a ring on the front that moves its way up oculus says that this will increase the accuracy of your controllers last but not least it uses a thumb stick triggers and a pair of classic rounded buttons like you will be able to find on a classic Xbox or Playstation gamepad number eight it has inside out tracking the quest makes use of a system called oculus inside tracking the four cameras that can be found on the front of this stand alone can pretty much see and also scan your entire play space they will keep you safe and prevent you from walking into possible furniture oh wow or any other obstacle this system has been made to keep an eye on your environment and while doing so it also tracks those two motion controllers number seven the quest is better than the go but less powerful than the rift it’s basically a hybrid of the two just like the oculus rift you can play a game standing up in 360 with controllers but without a PC and the freedom of wires compared to the standalone oculus go it has an onboard computer as well plus it’s screen clarity is very similar to its bigger brother the Snapdragon processor the quest is using is future-proof and should be able to pull up more impressive visuals than the go but will not be able to compete with the power of the rift it will have a genre on its own it’s safe to say that between these two headsets the oculus quest is the console you could call it a Nintendo switch a VR in where the rift is a PC powered one and a go to mobile version number six it’s a glasses friendly headset the quest offers enough space in front of its lenses to fit a pair of glasses it might cause a small light leak at the nose gap but honestly that is not going to stop you from playing number five it will have a solid resolution that runs on 72 Hertz inside the oculus quest you will find do all displace that will give you a resolution of 1600 by 1440 per eye this means it’s officially hired then the go and also the rift most PC headsets run on 90 Hertz in case of the quest it’s 72 Hertz if this will be your first HMV you are not going to notice that what all of this basically means is a faster refresh rate that will translate into smooth visuals and less fat tracking latency number four developers will be able to easily part over their VR titles the fact that oculus gives the Deaf’s the space to part their rift games – the quest is not only great news for the game studios out there but also for consumers buying them since the controllers and the way the quest works is very similar to the rift it’s a logical step to remake some of the originals and make them quest compatible this will mean more awesome content overall next to that it will also of course have some unique exclusives like Star Wars phaedra Mardle tennis tramble and many more titles number three the quest will have less shuffle where the team over at oculus has set the bar high by stating the following we hope that when players get into their oculus quest headset their library showcases the innovation sophistication and development talent that exists in VR today and inspires future developers oculus continues to fight against shuffle wear by aiming for serious quality control and this should protect you the consumer from buying any bad games number two you can get your hands on this standalone for a solid price at launch you will have to pay 399 US dollars for the 64 gigabyte version of the oculus quest it’s not clear just yet if there are plans for a bigger lineup with more storage but that would definitely be welcomed in the near future number one the quest is coming out soon we already know that the oculus quest will launch this spring it will be no secret that they will be popping up in a lot of stores across the u.s.

And hopefully in Europe as well it will make a big appearance on the Internet – with almost every web shop selling a bunch of standalone headsets let’s hope that oculus will step up their marketing campaign by putting demo stations everywhere around the world because this is a hat set that people need to try first before they see its potential and that’s about it folks of course there is a lot more that can be said about the standalone VR headset but this video should get you started at least I mean if you were interested in the oculus quest in the first place then you know a lot more now and that’s great I mean that’s what you need to get prepared for the most awesome standalone hmd out there so anyways if you enjoyed watching this video then of course slam that like button that would be nice lets me know you care and if you have any ideas of what you want to see next then drop it in the comments be hello and now it’s time for me to well sign off and as I always say and I see you guys next time see you in the metaphors see ya later yes exciting times we’ll see what the oculus quest is going to do to the VR market it’s definitely going to push it forward it’s going to have its effects for sure and what way we’ll see time will tell bye you

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Author: Cool Toys For Adults Staff