It’s Like Candy For Your Eyeballs … Samsung gear VR with controller

Yeah I have the new Samsung gear VR wit controller I want to give a shout out to oculus for sending this out and sponsoring this video I’m pumped up to check this thing out finally there’s a controller if you can interact with your device I tried the previous version of this but I think this one’s gonna be better now this one here it’ll work with Galaxy sa sa + s7 s7 edge note 5 s6 edge+ s6 and s6 edge cinematic wide view 360-degree experience when you dock your phone into this headset it will actually download the oculus app with the various experiences in it so you’re you’re off to the races straight away I’ll tell you what ok there it is the headset itself oh it’s a very soft memory foam ish material you can see the lenses on the inside some buttons here and a touch pad the home button and a back button that’s a Robocop kind of look right there click that way and then that way and look at this kaboom this is why it can fit so many different devices check that out it’s spring-loaded if you have this adapter here as well if you need to go down to micro USB and that’s why it can accommodate so many different phones in one headset of course the head strap controller right here couple of batteries for it I love I love when they include the batteries shout-out to them for that a little bit of a wand type of feel to it it’s actually quite comfortable it has a trigger on it a touchpad on the top back and home boot it up like that that’s pretty foolproof there oh hello there we’re gonna have to put an app in first there it is look at that so shortly after installing the device into the headset it prompts you to get the specific app gear vr powered by oculus oh wow look at this the screen resolution must be wqhd to use the gear vr now this is this is really interesting you guys remember when I did my original video on the galaxy s 8 and I was talking about how out of the box the device doesn’t come in the full resolution here’s an application we’re having those extra pixels make sense so we toggle it up let’s go 20 960 by 1440 I’m excited so now we’re gonna pair up the controller press and hold the home button calibrate the controller okay draw a series of figure eights whoo-hoo okay please control face down on a flat surface for a few seconds all right very nice yeah right-handed for sure so looks like we’re ready to go here I think it’s time to put the phone back into the headset let’s try this out ooh there we go this is my controller down here represented by the exact same object that I’m holding and I can see this and then it sends out this laser pointer looking thing so I can select what I want without having to reach up and touch the headset itself so it’s a it’s a lot more natural oh wow look at this I’m rotating this around with the touchpad on the controller and I’m gonna go and select one of these here and plate it whoo oh my goodness Oh Oh No this is a bigger drop now oh okay that’s good we’re good on the roller coasters now keep in mind I can go to the Internet here and do the usual things I like to do as well I mean here’s u-tube over here you got your social media I could go on Instagram in VR and what I like here this is just a laid-back kind of experience I can use the touchpad to just scroll through the videos and they’ve they’re huge within the headset you just scroll through some popular videos here there we go there’s the complete Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor press conference Los Angeles I have to say I was at the Toronto press conference a little bit better than this one all right the old saloon here we go dead and buried let’s check it out boom boom I think I have like Lemmy data maybe I should have done the tutorial whoa okay yes sir Wow hey there brother why can’t I am I out do I have to reload how do I reload that’s how you reload don’t flick of the wrist baby I don’t know maybe it’s just a time thing come on they go Manny dudes are getting close to me I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying oh I’m still alive I’m still alive being boy I got a sharpshooter over it I died okay cool I’m happy with that I think I feel like I killed a bunch of guys you know no tutorial skip the tutorial that now that was that one there that was cool see that’s the kind of thing that becomes available to you when you have the separate controller rather than just being stuck controlling from the headset a gear VR powered by oculus with a new controller I mean this has got to be the easiest path into VR you probably already have the phone you have the device you just add this you’re untethered you’re living it up

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Author: Cool Toys For Adults Staff