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Whoa-ho that what was in them my name is Max we from Holland and recom where we get on Android I see on the view of y’all could you tell us about it yes the gear VR is a new virtual reality device you can go ahead and use with a note 4 I simply go ahead and plug it in and you can turn your note 4 into a virtual reality headset it’s a pretty awesome device it brings the oculus rift which is a virtual reality 3d headset right on to your smartphone what is neutral multi the difference between virtual reality and 3d TV is that 3d TVs just kind of sort of pop out and maybe it looks real with virtual reality you’re inside the movie you’re inside the game and you have 360-degree view of everything that you do imagine having 100 3d TVs connected or in a dome and it’s just everywhere you see and it’s all connected that’s what you get with a virtual reality headset such as this what is so cool about the real deal many of you probably heard of oculus rift which is a 3d headset and now the founder of oculus rift and Samsung has collaborated to make the gear VR so that’s why it says oculus here now the cool thing about this is that you don’t have to buy a whole dedicated virtual reality headset which retails for about $350 and you don’t need to tether it with the PC to use it I’ll simply plug in your phone and you’re ready to go and in my opinion this is better than oculus rift because you know when you’re not using it as a virtual reality device all you can go ahead and use it as a smart phone what does it look well in the doobly all the gear VR brings a whole nother level of experience for your entertainment years when 3d first came out I went to my local theater and watched a 3d movie it was just amazing and everything was popping out I could almost grab it now with the gear VR it takes it to another whole level what was the father Pizza on the Google my favorite feature on the gear vr is deathly being able to experience things I normally wouldn’t be able to without risking my life such as skydiving operating a jet pilot we’re traveling different parts of the world without actually being there but and the possibilities are endless heck you can even watch porn well with all I will use of Google the gear VR can be used anywhere such as long international flights a train rides on your boat maybe you’re just sitting at home or you’re waiting for somebody at the mall it’s a great way to waste time could you show it’s real off download the Buell sure let me go ahead and show you what it looks like to actually wear one let’s go do this baby alright this is the whole menus here as you can see and I’m gonna go ahead and try Temple Run VR this is the virtual reality version of Temple Run and there should be a ton more games in the future that is converted to VR and it’s so much more fun and let me go ahead and give you this now you will actually only see half of my screen I actually seeing two different screens for the 3d effect now this is the Temple Run VR and the monster is actually behind me as you can see and I’m gonna go ahead and collect coins here boom-shaka-laka and you still behind me and basically we’re gonna have to jump it’s just like the PC game but everything is 3d and you can actually see her around see if there’s more monsters following me oh god oh yeah I’m just killing them alright next let me go ahead and show you another game viral light this is one of my favorite games and this is a little simple shooting game that anyone can play yeah I’m gonna have to go kill all these folks here I’m gonna just go and shoot and it is really fun you can actually see Oh boom Shakalaka and I’m on to the next round here if you go to the next stage you’ll go through this nice little Hall here and you can actually see behind you also and let me see if I can kill these folks get down alright next let me go ahead and show you a circuit du Soleil the circus show a couple years back I used to go to Vegas all the time and I saw this show I think I know MGM Grand but I never got to go but you can go ahead and experience concerts and shows like this easily using the gear VR we’re getting ready here and you can actually see behind you in 360-degree view and this is pretty amazing and this is all in 3d it’s like he’s right in front of me the way I see it and if I look up I can actually see the circus people there now I’m actually seeing them go down so what you see on the screen is just you know tip of the iceberg what you see with the gear VR is the head motion tracking it’s like it’s real it’s right there it is so awesome and it’s in 3d Wow I’ll let me go ahead and show you some 360 videos here all right there’s tours Iceland oh I think I show you that last time let’s try the Samsung 360 tours this is pretty cool we’re in New York I think one of these is the World Trade Center and my sister actually lives over there in Long Island I think that’s her building like right over there one of those condos over there and she actually works right here somewhere in Soho something I don’t know New York that well but somewhere here I know it’s there and now we’re in Venice and could you guys get out of my boat please there’s some people in my boat my boat and I don’t know I wish I could interact with them that would be like a lot more fun and now I’m on a balloon and I can look down and you see the ocean over there and we’re going over some mountains and we’re in Alaska I think here obviously with a bunch of mice yeah this is very nice Wow look at all that and now I’m I’m on top of the speedboat maybe they recorded this using a helicopter maybe the ice caps are melting now and now I’m in front of lions pretty scary there and also let me go ahead and show you the oculus cinema this is where you can go ahead and watch movies and stuff and when you install it you do have a bunch of trailers let’s go ahead and check out this trailer and it’s like you’re actually in a real movie theater and I’ve shown you this before but this is a little bit more clear and it’s actually in 3d the movie itself is in 3d you don’t see it but I see it as 3d so this is its 3d trailer Wow oh wow are you can also watch your own videos here and let me go ahead and watch my Gianni’s skate skating video here and this is our ice skating and this is actually a video I took with my Canon DSLR now you won’t be able to see these in 3d unless there are 3d videos but you know you can still watch them straight from your oculus rift and actually let’s go look at my my dog here and you know I’m in the big theater or you can watch all of your movies in this big theater which is really nice alright let me go ahead and show you the milk VR next this is pretty cool and this is basically you can go and download a bunch of different 360 videos and they’re being updated daily and also there will be a 360 a video camera that will be released there will be a couple of them this called 360 cam and then you’ll be able to make your own videos and put them on there and watch your own 360 videos and make them and let me go ahead and just do one of these here alright that is our driver and I’m on the passenger seat whoa look at that how’s it going bud can you hear me now obviously this guy’s too busy whoa you see that it’s crazy we just did a loop with a helicopter and we don’t have to risk our life we can just go ahead and joy oh look at that that is pretty awesome we just did a 360 on a helicopter so pretty good stuff good job bud all right this is where you can also put your porn videos if you wanted to download and you can be able to view it here let me show you another one this is a jet plane now you get to be able to ride along and feel it and you can see on the right and on the right there is another jet plane and I can actually see behind me also which is pretty cool and there’s another plane there and we’re doing some kind of stunt right now whoa that felt real bill ah let me go ahead and show you another cool feature is the pass-through camera so you can actually see through the camera here and you can see my camera there you can actually kind of walk around and stuff I’ve actually walked on the cliffs before I didn’t fall down and I actually rode my longboard with this feature so pretty cool stuff and thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed this video don’t forget that that thumbs up for me and subscribe to this channel I have a new video on this channel every Tuesday every Saturday so two videos per week if you want to see some really high on Android videos don’t forget to subscribe also you can follow me on Twitter Facebook or Google+ and as always stay on Android you

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