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many thought that virtual reality was going to be just another fad when oculus rift first appeared it would take the world over in one day only to fade away into oblivion the next kind of like 3d TVs dead but this prediction couldn’t have missed its mark more the popularity of VR has only grown since its conception and with tech giants such as Sony Google and HTC investing into their own VR technologies for PCs consoles and smartphones alike it’s safe to say that VR is here to stay so because more and more people are deciding to try their hand at VR we’ve made this bias guide to help over the course of this video we’ll be taking a look at the best VR headsets that money can buy in 2018 we’ll be covering both those for casual entertainment as well as those for PC and console gaming along with all of their pros and cons so without any further ado let’s begin the first type of VR headsets will be covering our smartphone VR headsets also known as mobile VR these devices use a smartphone as both their processing and display unit they’re not what most people usually imagine when they hear VR but they’ve still managed to cut a sizable piece of the VR market cake for themselves so we feel that it would be unjust to leave them out of the discussion one of the reasons for their popularity is their price because they rely on the smartphone for processing and display they’re much cheaper than say the oculus rift in fact the first entry on our list is dirt cheap we’re talking of course about Google cardboard if you haven’t heard about this product then you may think it’s a gimmick of some sort but we assure you this is not the case if there’s one company that needs no introduction it’s Google it’s pretty much on the front page of the Internet sorry read it but take away the google part of the name and what you’re left with is essentially what this headset is a headset made of cardboard it works by using two lenses in front of the users eyes which shows the displayed image in an immersive and responsive 3d environment what’s more it comes with built-in NFC which makes VR app activation almost in Dainius as soon as the phone is placed in the headset it’s ridiculous what Google has managed to do with so little but their innovation extended to the controls as well you can control with the help of a circular magnet located on the side this piece of metal would then interact with your phone’s magnetometer and actually stimulate a button you can use it will never match the functionality of the controllers that other VR headsets have but it’s still amazing nonetheless plus it pretty much has universal smartphone support so long as the phone runs on either Android iOS or higher and can physically fit into the headset the fact that it’s made out of cardboard is this VR headsets greatest strength since that’s what allows it to be so affordable but it is also a weakness because it’s just about as uncomfortable to wear as you’d imagine having cardboard in your face would be still its purpose is mostly to serve as a tech demo for people who want to see what all the VR fuss is about so while it will get old after a while it’s still more than worth the price if you want to give this technology a try Google daydream view is our second entry on the list and while it uses the same technology based on stereoscopic 3d through glass lenses and the smartphone app it’s still much closer to what you’d imagine a VR headset would and should be instead of cardboard the exterior is made from a highly durable fabric that comes in white gray and red what’s more the inside of the headset has extensive padding to make it more comfortable and naturally it comes with more features the most important of which has got to be the remote that supports a touchpad and motion detection as well as a bunch of buttons but one way in which it didn’t approve on the cardboard was in regards to its compatibility in order for a smartphone to work with the daydream view it will need to have a 1080p OLED screen with the 60 Hertz refresh rate and have it run on Android no good or any newer version the 1080p resolution isn’t really a problem but many high-end phones still use LCD displays so while it’s definitely a colossal improvement upon the cardboard way fewer people will actually be able to use it Samsung is one of the biggest names in Android manufacturing and their Galaxy S series is one of the most popular flagship phones to use this operating system so it came as no surprise when the Korean tech giant decided to launch their own VR headset the Samsung gear VR although this headset sports a rectangular exterior made of plastic that distinguishes it at first glance it’s actually rather similar to Google’s daydream view in many regards it has excellent controls and even some buttons and a touchpad and the headset itself so you don’t even need the controller for everything however it has serious compatibility issues and then it’s only officially compatible with some Samsung phones although users have reported successfully connecting phones outside the list to the headset but not without rooting the device in the end the biggest selling point has got to be the fact that it uses contact from the oculus store instead of the Google Play Store giving you more advanced games of course this is offset by the fact that it’s the most expensive mobile VR headset but as things stand the headsets own exclusivity is its biggest problem of course if you’re a gamer then chances are you aren’t as interested in mobile VR headsets as you are in desktop and console ones that’s why we decided to save the best for last gaming VR headsets are what some consider as true VR headsets they’re very high-tech products made to fully immerse you in digital worlds in ways that we could only dream about decades ago and if we’re talking about gaming VR headsets then we simply have to begin with the oculus rift after all it’s the device that started it all the rift is a VR headset that raised over two million dollars in its Kickstarter campaign and single-handedly ushered in a new era for gaming the rift display uses Ola technology and is split into two separate screens one for each eye but what’s more it uses Samsung’s pentile technology to make an additional layer of sub pixels if you’re not familiar with this then all you need to know is that it’s there to make the 2k resolution image even clearer and sharper it has its own controllers for VR content and in case you weren’t sure the controllers are stacked but if you prefer a familiar set up then oculus has you covered because the rift has official support for the Xbox one controller as well however for all of these merits the oculus rift does have one flaw that can make or break your decision to buy it or not it’s not fully compatible with seem VR sure there’s an oculus store but most PC gamers are by extension Steam users and will have an extensive library of games and maybe even some VR ones this isn’t to say that you can’t run the rift on Steam VR you actually can but because it isn’t officially supported then there’s just no guarantee that every game will work properly but ultimately it’s an excellent VR headset and best of all it’s very cost effective because it now ships with two motion controllers and two sensors no one could have ever predicted that HTC a company that specializes in making smart phones would go on to release the most advanced VR headset today the HTC vive this headset is the result of a collaboration between HTC and valve it’s also referred to as team VR by many the display is identical to that of the rift with two OLED displays and pentile technology for better image fidelity unlike the rift controllers survive controllers use a highly functional trackpad instead of an analog stick which we can’t confidently say it’s better as it’s more of a preference thing but what is definitely better is the more accurate motion detection the base station is not only more accurate but also smaller in the end the main selling point is seen VR the headset was designed to function with steamvr games but the great thing about the vive is that it can also play regular Steam games which are automatically adapted to VR with the help of steams theater mode the only thing it doesn’t have going for it is the price because even after some price cuts it remains the most expensive VR headset out there and the last century on this list is the Sony PlayStation VR headset for a while after its launch this was the best value of your headset out there and it played a part in getting h2c an oculus to drop their prices but what makes Sony’s headset more unique is that it’s the first ever console compatible of your headset it also stands out from the crowd visually opting for a look that’s distinguishable by the white highlights and blue LED lights these aren’t there just for the added visual flair though because they’re used by the PS camera for motion tracking by capturing their movement and position display wise it deviates from the competition a bit offering only a single full HD display instead of having a separate display for each eye however despite the lower overall resolution it’s actually still capable of producing sharp and clean images because it has a higher sub pixel count and when it comes to controls you have more variety than ever with the DualShock for sony motion controllers and the more recent aimed controller on the other hand there are two things holding psvr down first there’s a limited PC compatibility it is a ps4 accessory after all so the only way to get it working on the PC would be with the help of third-party software we’ve made a whole video on the viability of psvr for the PC so check that out if you want to know more but then there’s also the fact that all the accessories are sold separately so while it may be the cheapest gaming VR headset in itself if you’re planning on buying the controllers and don’t already have a PS camera it can actually end up being as expensive as the oculus rift so now that you’ve seen the headset you may be wondering which one is the best for you so we’ve made a brief guide to help guide you through the buying process first you need to consider the limitations of your system VR is very Hardware demanding so before you go investing hundreds of dollars into one of these you should make sure you can actually run it for smartphones it’s as easy as looking up the list of supported phone models for each headset but for the PC things aren’t so clear-cut so here’s what we recommend you should have at least a sixth-generation eye 5 CPU or a first-generation Rison 5 at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card six gigabytes of vram or higher and when it comes to video on this translates to the AMD Radeon rx 480 or better and at least eight gigabytes of RAM software wise you should have a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or newer granted the official minimum hardware requirements are lower than what we’ve listed but if you want a proper VR experience instead of a bare-bones one then it would be better to save up and upgrade your PC first before diving into virtual reality when it comes to consoles obviously the PS VR is still the only choice it is compatible with all versions of PlayStation 4 including the original version and the slim although the pro will inevitably offer better graphics and finally there’s the matter of content for mobile you will have to decide between the oculus Store and the Google Play Store at the moment the oculus store has more and better VR games but this is likely to change in the future on the PC side of things the choice comes down to the oculus store and steam here it is largely a matter of preference although seem does offer the added benefit of being able to run games in the art that weren’t designed for it with minimal hassle finally we’ve come to the grand finale where we proclaim our choices for the best headset one for mobile and one for gaming VR among the three entries we had for mobile VR we feel that the Google cardboard is the best it’s compatible with most phones and it has the best value mobile VR headsets are generally only good for some light entertainment and the cardboard is more than good enough for this with the gaming VR headsets however we went in the opposite direction and pick the most expensive one the HTC vive does have the best motion controls but the thing that really sells it is the full steam VR compatibility once again it really is a matter of preference but we feel that the vibe does objectively outshine the other two entries if only by a split hair and there you have it a comprehensive buying guide for VR headsets this should have you covered whether you’re in the market for a mobile or a gaming the your headset also you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t mentioned any of the windows mixed reality headsets in this buying guide but rest assured we will be covering them as well in a future video so what did you think do you agree with our pics or did we misjudge something we’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below and as always if you’ve enjoyed this video then don’t forget to like and subscribe and we’ll see you next time on gaming scam

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